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Natural products are the ingredient that gives "the magic touch" to your health recipe.

And here, we give you all of them.

FarmaNatural is a new way of treating illness. We offer integrals health programmes, with revolutionary equipment to detect the origin of your ailments. 

What does FarmaNatural offer?

FarmaNatural is a new way of treating human health. FarmaNatural offers, among other things, last generation natural products, we also use the latest technologies to search in the physiology, the origin of diseases.

We have discovered that many people are looking for natural products that can prevent diseases and that others seek an alternative to their chronic diseases without side effects.

Natural pharmacy is here to stay. The accompaniment is personalised at all times.

Book a 15-minute session so that I can assess your case.


The Integrated Health Programme is the path to wellness

FarmaNatural offers you a personalised integral health programme that consists of an improvement in your eating habits.

A physiological report on why your body has become ill and finally the use of the latest generation of natural products that will cure your illness at source.

We follow you during the programme and it is specific to you.

Is your health important to you?

I can help you back to healing with natural products.

I am Dolores Espuny

I am a pharmacist and have worked for many years (and continue) in different pharmacies.

What struck me a lot with the years of experience is that the people who came to the pharmacy were never cured, they began to take medications, these were increasing and the diseases as well.

This for me was a shock because I had studied the race with the purpose of helping people to heal and I was not succeeding.

The problem for me was finding a solution that could be on the same level as the drugs and it was not easy to find it.


This programme consists of a physiological study of the health problem, a dietary review and physical exercise.

All of this is accompanied by the latest generation of natural products that return the body to homeostasis.

Do you feel that traditional medicines are not enough to solve your health problems?

If you want your results to be different, this programme is for you.

I will accompany you through the whole process.

How can I help you?

I suggest you just tell me your worries. Use this 15 minutes!

  • In these 15 minutes I will judge if there is anything I can do for you.
  • In case there is nothing I can do, I will tell you frankly.
  • If I can help you, I’ll explain how.

However, you have the final say about what you want to do.