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Because they are often more effective than traditional medicines.

Because so far these products have given me many good results for my clients and they have cured them of their illnesses.

No, there are no side effects.

Yes, there is no problem. I always ask beforehand, to be absolutely sure.

No, when the problem is solved, you stop taking them and the problem does not have to appear again. Sometimes I give reminder doses.

Yes, and some of these studies have even won a Nobel Prize.

Drugs will usually cure the symptom and I look for the root of the problem. It’s a new approach based on physiology.

If you live outside Palma de Mallorca, yes.

In my private practice or via Zoom, always answering a previous data collection form. What I sell you are integral health programmes.

No, but the commitment to the programme has to be 100%, otherwise it is better not to start.